Because we are so passionate about everything hair we decided to start a boutique salon that specializes in Afro hair. We believe that whatever hairstyle regardless of texture or length should be treated with care and love, which is why we only work with the very best hairdressers who are obsessed with giving our clients unforgettable hair experiences. All of our stylists are fully qualified and have dedicated themselves to lifelong hair education, this means that when you visit our salon you can rest assured that whatever stylist you have has the ability to deliver the result you were looking for. Our aim is to deliver an intimate and timely service.

Andree marie

Passionate about healthy hair and excellence. The Pixie Queen as we like to call her takes cutting to another level.


Our recently qualified salon coordinator, passionate about healthy hair and healthy scalp, Abi makes sure that the salon runs in tight ship with a friendly vibe and a wealth of advice on how to upkeep your hair.

Salon coordinator

Mariam also qualified is our softly spoken, happy go lucky lady. Passionate about curls and colour and always ready to experiment.