Texture release explainer

  • Texture Release is a heat activated Smoothing System that features Amino Acids and Conditioning Agents that crosslink deep into the hair fibres to enable styling versatility.
  • Enable clients to have optional textural change with increased combing manageability.
  • Texture Release is formulated specifically for naturally curly hair.
  • This system is designed to provide additional moisture & conditioning for your hair and scalp.

Texture release has a shampoo and conditioner take home set but you can also use the Kera range alongside the product.

If you over do it with heat it can be a possibility, we recommend using lower heat at home. Heat damage is thing even with with 

You will need a chlorine shampoo to rinse out but speak to a stylist if you swim often

We say the treatment washes out tightly over 12-18 washes. Treatment can be redone after 2-3 months.

Continue to treat your hair depending on what it needs. We always recommend moisture

We recommend waiting roughly 5 days after the treatment

No it doesn’t.

Yes of course, this is a flexible treatment.

A relaxer is a permanent change to the hair structure and will need to be eventually cut off. Both keratin and smoothing systems such as texture release will wash out. 

No you won’t but if you come too often we believe you will overlap the treatment 

Yes over time.